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What is Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a medical technique where stones and crystals are used to cure ailments and protect against diseases. For a long time, Crystal Healing has been a unique way of harnessing the energy of the earth when we come in contact with these stones.

Crystal Healing picks up every positive vibe and energy around you and helps you on your spiritual journey because it works by holding your intentions and reminds you of your connection to the earth. It is often said that the crystal chooses you instead of the other way around. There are dazzling colors, patterns and shapes of Crystals, each of these crystals have a unique vibrational energy which works to clear blockages and ward off negative energy.


How Crystal Healing Works?

Each stone has various properties which makes them useful in treating different aliments. Every healer has their own idea about how a stone property will work. Like Amethyst, for example, is believed to some to be beneficial for the intestines; green aventurine; helps the heart; yellow topaz provides mental clarity. While colors red through violet are associated with the seven chakra points on the body.

The position of a stone on your body is usually aligned with the different seven chakras points and these depends on the symptoms of the patient. Crystal Healing also involves wearing these stones on the body or placing them under pillows to ward off sickness, absorb positive energy and shed negative energy.

Properties of Crystals



It is long believed that this purple stone relieves hang-overs and cures drunkenness. In Crystal Healing, it helps the patients to connect with their spirituality.


Quartz Crystal

It is used by the healers as a classical stone which transmits, stores, and amplifies positive energy. This universal stone also stimulates brain function, making you feel alert, active and aware in all levels of consciousness.


Tiger Eye

Most healers believe that this stone helps the bearer maintain and grow wealth and it also helps to calm you done when you are stressed.



Eliminates negativity and promotes sensitivity and loyalty. This is the stone of successful love.


There are several other crystals which are used in Crystal Healing. Holding the right crystal at the right time can bring about a positive change in our attitude and well-being. A crystal healer uses his/her knowledge of the stones and of the patient in the healing process.

Excellent Crystal Healing Techniques at Integrative Healing Center

Integrative Healing Center remains your reliable provider of excellent crystal healing techniques. We offer you a full crystal healing consultation where you will be treated with care by our healers. We will teach you proper crystal healing techniques that will help keep your crystals in top shape.

In addition, we teach you how each crystal can be used to ensure the greatest benefits. We offer hands-on training sessions and provide you with take home materials to ensure you can repeat our healing matrix at home.

Apart from healing you or teaching you how to heal with crystals, we also sell crystals and stones. Tis include Amethyst, Quartz Crystal, Tiger Eye, Emerald, amongst others.


Choose Us for Your Crystal Healing In Canada

For your crystal healing in Canada, we remain the perfect fit to get it done. We offer affordable crystal healing solutions to individuals and patients across the country. Our consultants are well trained and certified. By making use of their several years of experience, they will offer you excellent crystal healing services.

At Integrative Healing Center, we are committed to promoting health peace and happiness through personal growth and raising human consciousness. We are always ready to personalize our healing sessions based on your requirements and needs. Contact us today to know more about our crystal healing techniques. An amazing experience awaits you.

Chakra Healing Crystals and Stones

The ROOT CHAKRA’S color is red, other colors associated with the Root Chakra are black brown, and gray. Chakra stones like garnet, onyx, and red jasper are beneficial.

The NAVEL CHAKRA’S color is orange. Chakra stones like carnelian and orange zincite help to bring the system into balance.

The SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA’S color is yellow. Chakra stones like citrine and yellow sapphire are used.

The HEART CHAKRA’S color is green and the secondary color is pink. Chakra stones like rose quartz or green tourmaline are useful.

The THROAT CHAKRA’S color is blue like aqua or turquoise, secondary colors are various shades of lighter blues. Chakra stones like turquoise or blue lace agate balance this chakra.

The BROW CHAKRA’S color is indigo or shades of dark blue. Chakra stones like lapis lazuli or sodalite compliment this area.

The CROWN CHAKRA’S color is purple, the secondary color is clear or white. Chakra stones like
amethyst or clear quartz are perfect.